Ancillary Content Support

Learning eXchange now allows the upload of ancillary learning material. This allows instructors and authors to create a richer context to online courses by supplementing them with denser reading and reference material for learners. Ancillary content can be linked to a course, a section in the course, or to a specific page.

Learning eXchange supports various forms of ancillary content, including PDF and Office files, images, videos, and audio files.

Administrative Support

With LX, IT Admin can create a sub-institute to the Parent Institute, classify users as ‘Paid’, ‘Demo’, and ‘Internal’ etc., track users’ accepting license agreement and send notifications to learners who use a specific browser. In addition, IT Admin can also turn off blogs and groups, as and when required.

Message Box

The LX message box is extremely user-friendly and enables quick organisation. Users can create a new message, archive messages, send messages and the recipients are notified via email to instructors or pre-configured users.


This enables users to access multiple institutes with a single ID, change institutes without having to logout and access notes directly from their workspace. Users can also see friends/course mates online; they also have the option of appearing ‘ Offline’ to others.


This enables users to send bulk notification via news flashes and an internal messaging system.